TV Review: Game of Thrones Episode 4 The Actors Part One

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Here we are at the fourth week of Game of Thrones on HBO and there’s nothing like a warm woman and a feather bed.

Before I start on the actual review I just want to go through what happened in this weeks episode. First off, it felt very short and it seems as if it’s lacking any real impression. I can almost say that I’m watching a portrayal of the book instead of something that has been crafted for television. Scenes such as Jon Snow befriending Sam of Hornhill and Catelyn Stark taking Tyrion as her prisoner feel empty. You don’t feel the scope of whats happening in the story.

Ok, enough bitching, here’s what happened. The episode starts with Tyrion Seeking an audience with Robb who is now Lord of Winterfell while his mother and father are away. Bran who is in bed is called by Robb to greet Tyrion Lannister and just like in the book he is carried there by the simple minded giant Hodor who, yes, says “Hodor” twice! It is here that Tyrion gives Bran the plans for the saddle he designed specifically for the handicapped. Afterward we meet Sam the fat coward, who finds a friend in Jon Snow. Danearys enjoys her newly found identity as a queen of the Dothraki. Ned receives the book that Jon Arryn was studying before his death and also meets King Robert’s bastard son. We see a bit of the Hand’s tournament, and Catelyn takes Tryrion as her prisoner.

Every week I go on about how the story goes, if they portrayed it correctly and if I enjoyed it better in the book or in the show. Well this week I’m going at it a little differently. This is going to be part one of the actor reviews.


Eddard Stark is Lord of Winterfell and now the right hand of King Robert. He and Robert are good friends. Ned is a man who honor and loyalty holds high value.

It’s easy to say that Sean Bean is one of the best actors to grace this show and is a great choice for Lord Stark. A man from the north, stout and tall, ready to take on the coming winter. Sean is every bit the outsider in Kings Landing. Not used to the political game of thrones Sean does a fantastic job as the fresh eyed council member who’s every intent is to better the kingdom. You can see the hopelessness in his face as he witnesses King Robert drink and put the kingdom into further debt.


Catelyn Stark has to be one of my least favorite characters in Game of Thrones. She has so much potential to be a great protagonist but her constant interference only makes it harder to like her character.

With that said, Michelle Fairley is the stubborn Cate Tully from Riverrun. Shes no warrior but does what she must to keep her family and her home safe. Michelle especially has this face that compliments the character of Catelyn. Her acting gives you this feel of a woman who is on this journey to bring justice for her family and does it without ever looking back.

Petyr Baelish

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is an old friend to Catelyn stark. He a schemer and a snake.

As I stated in a previous review, Aidan Gillen already feels like the slimy character that is Littlefinger. When he speaks, especially to Ned, this smile creeps across his face that sells you on the the slippery nature of Peter Baelish. You can’t help but love Aidan as he worms his way into conversations.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is in many ways like John Snow as the outcast of his family from the moment of his birth. The difference is that Tyrion is a dwarf and therefore cannot command respect with sword or size. He instead has to use his wits and his charm which is why he is my favorite character in all of Game of Thrones.

Peter Dinklage does an amazing job as Tyrion and fully captures the genius of the character. I would say he is the second best actor in this series right next to Sean Bean. His mannerisms, quips, and even his facial expressions are Tyrion Lannister to the letter. We a good bit of Peter this episode and you can only appreciate him as Tyrion.


The casting gods must have been present when they chose who they did for these characters. When it comes to a story like Game of Thrones it’s so easy to ruin it because the characters are so rich and full of life. Most of my enjoyment comes from seeing the actors take on the life of the characters they portray and I’ve not been disappointed. My only gripe was with Kit Harington as Jon Snow, but he seems to be coming into his own with the character.

Thanks for sticking around while I blow my load over the actors. This has been part one of my Actor review. Next week I’ll be reviewing the scenery of Game of Thrones. Don’t forget to catch Game of Thrones Sunday nights on HBO.

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