TV Review: Game of Thrones Episode 10 Season Finale

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TV Review: Game of Thrones Episode 10 Season Finale

So it’s been a fantastic ten weeks to be a fan of fantasy. What I would call to be a modern fantasy masterpiece has come to an end, but how does it end? Why does it end? Well I’ll let you know, just read on friends!

What happened:

Now, before I start, I just want to point out how different the show feels without Sean Bean as Ned. Every thing has an “Afterward” feeling to it. Watch the episode and you’ll understand.

So as we all know, last episode finally saw the end of Eddard Stark. And HBO made sure not to let us forget.

This strawberry jelly sure is messy!

The episode starts off right where the last one ended with Arya and Yoren. Rickon and Bran finally learn that Ned is done through their telepathic brother brain magic and news travels quick as Catelyn and Robb conspire to retrieve Arya and Sansa as they grieve. Then, as if we needed another reason, HBO is quick to give the TV audience another reason to hate Joffrey they bring the bard back from Catelyn’s mountain adventure a and Joffrey decides to maim the man.

After he’s done de-tounging singers, he decides to secondhand slap Sansa around. I’ll leave the descriptiveness for the actual episode, but for those of you not privy to the novels, this is where Sansa begins to see past her happy upbringing and see the world for how it truly is. Her story has to be the saddest because while everybody is wary of the dangers that loom, Sansa has been ready getting her panties wet over this tooly kid whos nuts probably havent even dropped.. Even the hound feels bad for her and he’s got half a face.

You gon’ get slapped

Afterward is even more setup for the second season. While trying to decide whether to claim to fight under Stannis or Renly, the Stark bannermen decide to fight for Robb the “King in The North”. This sets up the second novel named “A Clash of Kings”.

It’s hard to see what Catelyn is thinking, but not knowing what to do she decides to seek advice from Jaime Lannister who is being held prisoner. I have to point out that this doesn’t occur in Game of Thrones, but they’re including scenes that just work. I’ve said it before that HBO was doing a fantastic job, and pulling things out of the subsequent novels is was a great idea.

Then we learn the aftermath of Daenery’s debacle with the sorceress. Her child is dead, Drogo lives in a zombified state and after all of that, she can’t blame the witch. I’ve always loved her character even if it seems a little contrived, but it’s a fun ride to see where she ends up.

One of us! One of us! Gooble Gobble!

News travels a little slower in north due to the cold, but even Jon Snow knows what has happened and he plans to leave. Luckily his brothers in black are there to save him and bring him back before he becomes a deserter. We all saw episode one. We know what happens.

Pistols at da-oh right, you dont have a pistol. Pyohoho~

This next scene was awesome. I LOVE the dynamic between Varys and Littlefinger. They’ve done a fantastic job of creating this relationship between them and hearing them go back and forth just…makes me want to hug dolphins.

The next scene I want to write out was interesting. It didn’t look or feel like the show I’ve been watching these past weeks. It felt more like a trailer for a film. Imagine it “In a world, beyond the wall, where the dead roam the earth.” the way it was shot was very interesting and you have to watch it for yourself.

This is just bloody brilliant.

Next the actual ending of Game of Thrones ending scene plays. This is where Dany burns Khal Drogo and the witch on a pyre. Where the walks into the flames as Ser Jorah looks on in fear and the witch screams in pain. Where she is reborn as the last dragon. I find a scene like this in and out of the novels to be hard to believe, because Game of Thrones feels less fantasy and more of a old time political story.
Seeing motherf**king dragons is something that just feels so wrong, yet so damn right.

In retrospect.

Game of Thrones by HBO can be easily reviewed as a 1:1 telling of the Game of Thrones novel in the A fire of Ice and Fire series of George R.R. Martin. While this is true I feel that the show has a life of it’s own and can definitely stand without the novels to accompany it.

Unfortunately I can only scratch the surface of this show. I’m not a film critic so I can’t really speak for the cinematography, I’m not qualified to speak on anybody’s acting, but what I can say is that Game of Thrones on HBO is an experience that not only aids but sometimes surpasses the original work. It is done in such a way that you can tell that a lot of care was taken in assuring that the show not only remains true, but feels like there is more than just what the novels provide.

They obviously leave many questions unanswered. This is because Game of Thrones has already been picked up for a second season and I can only hope that it’s as good, if not better than the first.

Conclusion: Game of Thrones on HBO is near perfect. I can’t come up with a legitimate complaint about the way they’ve handled it. I definitely recommend Game of Thrones Season 1 to anybody interested in the novels, has never heard of them, or just wants an amazing story. The best part is that it’s nowhere near done.

Thank you for joining me as I go through the first season of Game of Thrones. I enjoyed it immensely and hope you all loved watching it as much as I did. If you wish to see more of Game of Thrones, pick up the novels, and give them a good read, because they’re fantastic.

See you all in season 2. I WANT MORE!

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