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TV Review, Falling Skies Premiere Warms my Post Apoc Heart

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In case you missed it, last Sunday was the Steven Spielberg produced TV series premier of Falling Skies on TNT. The Post Apoc on TV standard has been raised.

If you didn’t know already, I’m a die hard for anything post apocalyptic, it all started when my Dad let me watch Mad Max as a kid. I’ve been sucked into the Genre ever since. So while this show really does cater to my loves it also does a great job of bringing something new to the table. Plus, Noah Wyle (5 Emmys and 3 Golden Globes for his role on ER), add in the sheer bad assery of Will Patton (His credentials are EXTENSIVE) as the hard ass leader of the 2nd Massachusetts resistance and the show has an amazing head on it’s shoulders. Plus, you can’t go wrong with an Executive Producer in Steven Spielberg.

The two hour premier was a showing of the episodes “Live and Learn” and “The Armoy”. I’m going to just treat them as one big episode, since they melted together so easily. Basically we start off with a bunch of little kids telling stories about what happened when the Aliens came and the death of their families, this is wasn’t expecting at all, and really set a tone for me that this show is going to be fairly family centric. Which is something I’m ok with, being a dad and all. The world has gone to hell, Aliens have wiped out all the capitals and armies, leaving just small groups of civilians and soldiers (who even include a 13 year old boy in the 2nd Massachusetts group) How’s that for a total life adjustment? Humanity is so desperate to survive, 13 year olds are getting machine guns and fighting against the “Skitters” (6 legged alien creatures) and Mechs (bi-pedal mechs of destruction).

The story is centered on Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) a former American History teacher turned leader of the group of fighters against the aliens. He’s got two sons with him, and a third that has been captured by the aliens and “harnessed” which means that the kid has some weird looking alien contraption/being on his back. Try to take off the harness, they die. Apparently the aliens are capturing Teenagers, maybe they run on bottled up Angst? Who knows, but from all the reports I’ve read the reasoning isn’t actually that bad, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

I’m not going to say much more about the plot, because I think it’s really worth watching and not spoiling. I will say though that the setting is absolutely well done, the burned out buildings, cars, and everything else just looks sweet. The ‘Skitters’ and Mech aliens don’t look like CG crap, which was a HUGE failing for a show like ‘V’ that we ridiculed to all hell. Though we don’t get many more than one of each on the screen at a time, so that might be why we got such great value out of the little glimpses of the invaders.
I do have one big gripe though, if Tom doesn’t stop spouting historical references to EVERYTHING that they practically do and people reply to him with “OH EVER THE HISTORIAN! Lolololololo” I’m going to just start burning history books in retaliation. Yes, we got it, he’s a history guy, let us not beat it over everyone’s collective heads.

I can’t wait for more of this series, check your listings and see if TNT is replaying the premier (I’m going to just assume they will) and check out this awesome show, hey at least it’s better than Jericho.

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