Ryan Thomason

TV Review, Falling Skies (Episode 3 “Grace”)

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Probably the most thought provoking episode on TV since I’ve watched Lost.

What do you do when you capture an alien that you cannot converse with whose species has invaded your planet and nearly eradicated the human race? That was the underlying theme of the whole episode. When the captured Skitter (I like Pope’s term for them better as ‘Cooties’) that Tom had knocked out and dragged back to the human base camp woke up in it’s cell the human immediately start questioning it, though they have no ways of communication. They tried showing pictures, being nice, giving it water, showing it the body of it’s dead comrade. OK, maybe that last part might have been extreme, it DID piss off the alien though, and more importantly the hand cranked radio that the resistance is using to listen for any contacts crackled with static. I like the idea presented here though. What do we do? Be nice, try to reason with it or just knock the thing out and start slicing it up to see where it is vulnerable. Threaten the hell out of it to the point of sticking a gun in it’s mouth? I really liked the back and for here on what is the best approach and the ways they tried it, the desperation to find out answers, it was really great.

That’s right, the aliens apparently communicate through some form of low spectrum radio waves. They don’t seem to have much range though, because the Skitter they have captured hasn’t been able to call out to its buddies for help. That’s not all we learned about the aliens though, apparently they sleep like bats, hanging upside down and in groups. When Tom and his crew go out scavenging for motorcycles under the directions of Pope, they find the group of slumbering aliens. Which do eventually get blown up awesomely by Pope with a can of gasoline.

Another thing we found out is that the Aliens apparently can control the teenagers through the harness/radio waves system. When Tom and his group are attacked by a bunch of kid drones with guns, the Aliens realize that they can just start using kids as human shields, who can shoot kids right? It shows the Aliens willingness to really just start screwing with the survivors in order to gain an advantage. Even Ricky, who had the harness successfully taken off of him and was pumped with enough drugs to be able to function again, put the harness on willingly and almost without thought. It’s like the harness system becomes so ingrained in the kids that they can’t seem to function without it (and the apparent super healing systems it does, since it cured Ricks lung disease)

Man, this show just stepped up and delivered an episode that not only got me curious as hell, but didn’t leave everything hanging. Things are piecing together so nicely, I just hope they can continue to do so as the series progresses.

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