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TV Review, Falling Skies (Episode 2)

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So, is the show worth watching after the premiere episode last week? Well…

I’m not totally decided, but I’m leaning to the side that this is a show I’ll keep watching week in and out. Not just because that I’m a huge nerd for post apoc, but…..ok I’m a huge nerd for post apoc.

If you remember after the last episode, Tom gets the go to try and find his ‘harnessed’ son Ben. So Tom and his little group that always follow him everywhere (is it is own unit? Seems to be so.) Anyways, they find the prisoner kids are basically worker drones harvesting scrap metal for the aliens. I’m glad they were able to find so many teenagers to play the part of the drones. You know with such crazy things like, shuffling around emotionless as you go about your job, it must have been really hard to find young kids who could emote in such a way. Shit goes wrong when they are scouting, and a mech nearly kills them, sorry kids! We’ll be back for you later. Enjoy your alien overlords a little longer.

Tom gets back to ‘base’ which is a high school of sorts. Why the Aliens don’t see 400 people milling around a school with such a lack for hiding and secrecy on the humans part is a head scratcher for me. Couldn’t an alien plane spot, oh I don’t know, the kids playing basketball outside, the fires, etc from their planes that fly around? It’s not like the resistance has missile launchers and anti-aircraft weaponry. They (humans) should be hiding out better, but that’s not good tv. Where was I? Oh yeah, Tom gets back, and there is good news! Others are alive in the US, but still can’t do shit! Yay? At least the Massachusetts 2nd gets a big fancy pants Dr. that claims to be able to take off the harnesses, and he knows Tom! Cue big setup for drama.

Tom and crew go back, but Mike (or Max?) Big Black Guy if that isn’t racist enough for you, freaks out when he spots his son in the drone kids group when they are supposed to only snag Tom’s boy Ben. So, Big Dude runs out and grabs his kid! What an ass! You’re a secondary character, Ben was the prize. Not to say if it was my son I wouldn’t try, but I think I’d have a little more composure than a complete breakdown in a split second, screaming wildly across a courtyard infested in Mechs and Skitters to grab your son. Naturally shit falls apart from here. Tom loses his OTHER son with him, and the scout, Claire I think. Or blond female love interest to be sure. Tom gets knocked out, goes back to find his son again, captures a skitter and returns him as a POW instead, goes back AGAIN to get his son. Who watched the whole rest of the group of kids Black Guys son was with get massacured.

Cue the annoying part of this show. When Tom is walking back with his traumatized son who saw the kids get killed and then him released. Tom does the whole history thing again “Nazi’s did it to scare survivors and send a message” THANKS MR. HISTORY PANTS” Thankfully that was the only time I think they dipped into that cookie jar this episode. Hopefully they keep their hands way the hell out of the cookie jar next episode or I’ll be…annoyed again.

One of my favorite parts of the episode surrounded John Pope, the criminal gang leader in the first episode, he’s a cook! When he explains how to cook a chicken, from poaching it and how to lock in the flavors, I was grinning. Doesn’t he kinda look like Sawyer from Lost though? All I kept thinking of was Sawyer cooking for everyone, maybe Pope should cut his hair. Pope used to cook for prison inmates you see, and now he’s using this as a chance to be ‘a free man’ again with the 2nd Mass. I’m very curious where they are taking this character, the guy has some crazy back stories, and well, he’s claimed to take down a bunch of skitters and Mech’s which this whole group seems to be ignoring. I think there are big things coming for Pope.

So far this show is still worth watching, next week will be the decider for a lot of people though, usually you gotta give a show at least 5 episodes to get it’s stride, but I know 3 in the clincher for people. I’ll still be watching next Sunday on TNT.

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