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TV Review: Dark Matter, Episode One

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What happens when you take six people (and one android), then wake them up on a super amazing space ship one by one? Oh, and none of them have any idea who they are or anything about their past, but still have the reflexes mentally and physically to do jobs they are specialists at?

You get the science fiction show Dark Matter on SyFy.

dark matter syfy

I’ve been hungering for some sci-fi lately. Summer TV season is typically the only time of the year networks seem to release the shows that excite me. My format for finding out if I will be investing in a new show is that I give them three episodes to win me over. Now, sometimes this has gone against my better judgment (I’m still trying to get caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) typically, I have a good measure of if a show is going to hold me in it’s grip by the third episode. Dark Matter has already proven itself different. I already know I’m in it for the long haul from the first episode.

I’ve mentioned before from the giveaway of the Dark Matter TPB comic book with our partners at Dark Horse Comics that I’ve been following Dark Matter for the last couple of years. The four issue mini-series from the comic completely sucked me into the universe. Which isn’t surprising since it was written by the guys who were writer/producers on the Stargate Franchise. Everyone I’ve shared the Dark Matter comic with came back at me with the same statement. “I want more.” , and now SyFy is delivering the more.

The first episode nearly lifts the first two issues of the comic straight out of the pages and onto the big screen. The setup of who these people are on the ship they found themselves on is crafted in a way that has you thinking one way and totally reverses it on the big reveal. I don’t want to give anything away before the premiere but if you are like me, and you’ve been hungering for some real space sci-fi action. Dark Matter is truly setting the pace to deliver something that will take your hunger away and fill you with goodness. As much as Firefly is a cult classic, Dark Matter has all the touchings of bringing the emotional feel that still has people talking to this day. A spaceship with a name that is easy to whisper about, a diverse crew that has everyone filling their specific roles. The drama of finding out just who they are, and if they can or will change from who they used to be. Dark Matter has so many layers that I can’t wait until we get to start peeling them back.

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