Ryan Thomason

TV Rant: I Can’t Watch Clone Wars Anymore

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I don’t know what it is about this season of the Clone Wars, but I just never found myself that interested or invested in it. I’ve watched every episode that has come out for the show, being the good quasi-Star Wars geek that I am. Though after watching the first three or four episodes of this season, I found myself just letting the new ones sit on my DVR unwatched. Recently, without a hesitation, I deleted them all and then took the extra step to delete the timer all together. Why?

Like I said, I’m only a quasi-Star Wars geek. I’ve only seen the original three movies two or three times at the most per movie. I’ve seen the prequels at least once, Episode 3 probably the most out of any Star Wars movie at a slackers 3 whole viewings. I like the universe and all, the story lines, but I never felt myself invested in the series as much as other geeks out there. Heck I’ve probably spent more time playing the Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 than spent watching all 6 movies combined. It’s not that the animation or anything is lacking in Clone Wars, it’s all wonderfully done. The voice acting is great, and the sound is what you expect from something of the likes of Industrial Light and Magic. There was just nothing this season that took hold of me and demanded me to keep watching. I got bored after the first couple of episodes and that was enough to make me turn it off.

Give me some arguments as to why I should give the show a second chance and I’ll see what I can do. George Lucas doesn’t need my eyeballs on the screen anyways, there are enough fanboys the world over to make up for my half ass love of Star Wars. I don’t plan on coming back to this series until probably toward the end. That way I’ll get to see how they wrap it up without having to go through all the filler to that point.

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