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Tron: Uprising Is the Right Start for Summer TV

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Screw all the fall lineups for TV I’ve been finding that the bulk of the shows I was waiting to return are starting now as we head into the summer stretch. Tron: Uprising has got the ball rolling in all the right ways.

I was a late bloomer into the Tron world of geekery, I’d seen the original when I was younger a couple of times but I never fully grasped the entire concept. It wasn’t until the release of Tron: Legacy that I watched Tron with a fully formed brain that could comprehend the depth the movie could present. From there on out, I’ve been on a quest to immerse myself more into all things Tron.

“Beck’s Beginning” aired last Friday on Disney XD, yes, it’s on the kids channel in full animation glory with Beck (the main protagonist) voiced by Elijah Wood. I was easily sucked in and drawn into The Grid and the characters that they are building as Beck takes the mantel of Tron under the training and tutelage of well, Tron himself. I found myself quickly sending text message to WPR overlord and resident Tron super-nerd Xopher (who forgot it was airing, so he’s lost some Tron Geek cred) about how great the show us.

Obviously the animation is top notch, it’s Disney playing with a license that is deeply entrenched, so I’m glad that they paid it the attention Tron deserves. Elijah wood as Beck had the “LISTEN IT’S FRODO” thing going for the first couple of minutes but by the end of the episode that melted away for me as I found myself focusing more on the story and the development of Clu’s army securing the grid with absolute control. When Mara, one of Becks co-workers at the garage with him it took me a second to place her voice, I had to look online because it was bugging me that I couldn’t place it, turns out it’s Mandy Moore.

I’m going to skirt talking too much about the episode in general since whenever I do that, I tend to just go on a spoiler rampage. It’s good, damn good. Make your kids sit down and watch it, some of it might go over there heads but it’s your job as the adult to help them fill in the blanks. If you missed the episode, just watch the whole damn thing that Disney posted online.

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