Alan Smithee

Tron Legacy Behind The Scenes Footage

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If you’re looking for more spoileriffic stuff that we’ve seen in all of the other trailers, this isn’t it. Instead, the awesome people at Collider have provided us with a 15 minute clip that features some cool behind-the-scenes stuff that we’ll all have to wait for the home version to see.

One of the coolest things for me is that the entire thing is scored by Daft Punk’s music. There may be some minor spoilers for scenery and stuff, so if you’re not wanting to know anything about this movie, then don’t watch the effing clip.

Though if you’re enticed by anything shiny, you’ll have to watch it, then watch it again and again. I wonder if you’re as shocked as I am that they didn’t do the typical George Lucas everything shot against a digital background, those are actual sets you see! It’s great to be an old geek right about now.

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