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Tron 3 Villains Revealed?

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The serious Tron nerds here at WPR already knew this was the case, but it seems that with the special features coming out with the home edition of Tron: Legacy next week there’s a bit of spoilery goodness that many fans have already speculated about.

Do you remember in the movie, in the scene with the boardroom of ENCOM and the ‘prank’ that Sam Flynn pulled? Well if you looked close enough at the young Dillinger in the room (son of Ed Dillinger from the first movie), you might have noticed that it was that awesome chameleon-like actor Cillian Murphy, who many of you might remember as either the Inceptee from Inception or even better, as Scarecrow in Batman Begins.

Well it seems that Father and son are still planning things involving ENCOM as the battlefield, and this little clip that features the two talking to each other on a chat service leads us into ominous speculation about the next movie in the Tron franchise. The best bit, is that Dillinger Sr. is still parading around a Master Control mindset complete with the voice we loved from the first.

Is Dillinger in the ENCOM computer system or is he just playing puppet master from behind the scenes? Did he find out how Kevin Flynn usurped his power back in 1982? There’s just so much fun stuff to think about!

If you might recall, our very on Jamie Gibson broke the last spoilery clip from the Blu-ray a few weeks ago when a YouTube user posted the entire Tron: The Next Day clip that reintroduced us to the character who played RAM from the first film reprising his role…except as a human…since he was derezzed in that movie’s game grid. I know I’m a Tron nerd, so shut up!

Anyways the clip we’re showing to you might get yanked down like the last one due to Disney having sand in delicate places about this kind of thing.

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