The Triumphant Return of Star Wars Fan Film Awards

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We are off and running in a new year. Wait, hold up. This year, should be named “2015 – The Year of Star Wars,” “Star Wars Returns” or maybe “Return of The Jedi Part 2: Star Wars Takes Over the World.” Call it what you will. Star Wars has returned with a vengeance. If you are a Star Wars fan, 2015 has a lot to offer. First you have the Star Wars Rebels series in full swing. Not enough to spark your thirst? How about Celebration Anaheim in April? Then, of course, there is the crowning event being the December release of Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

In the meantime, I offer you another alternative. In 2002, in an effort to acknowledge and embrace the ever growing fan base, Lucasfilm began an annual contest allowing fans to showcase films of their own creation about the genre. These films pushed the envelope on parody, comedy, visual effects, and more in an effort to showcase fan’s love and affection of the Star Wars universe.

Thus, the Star Wars Fan Film Awards were born.

In 2012, after the Walt Disney Company purchased Lucasfilm, the announcement was made that the Fan Films would be discontinued.

Well, the day of jubilee and much rejoicing has returned. In October 2014 the contest reopened to contestants and last week the final entries were accepted. We now wait as the judging gets underway.

In anticipation of what should be an exciting group of finalists, I offer a look at a couple of my favorites from over the years.

A finalist in 2002, and my personal favorite – Troops goes deep into the outer rim of the galaxy for a ride along with Storm Troopers. This film is fantastic and hilarious. It takes on the identity of a long running television docu-series, COPS.

In 2004, one fan decided to put a little crossover flavor to a couple favorites in the comical, animated short – Carbonite Confusion.

And finally, another longtime favorite blends gangsta rap and Imperial flavor with a little Rebel-Jedi overtones. Star Wars Gangsta Rap is sure to make you get out on the dance floor and boogie.

Do you have a favorite? I would love to hear from you. If you need a refresher or haven’t seen any, visit Star Wars official YouTube Channel, sit back and enjoy.

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