Alan Smithee

Tribes Rights Sold to Hi-Rez Studios

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How many of you PC oldsters out there hear the word Tribes and immediately start to reminisce about the hours upon hours spent playing and battling your opponents? Yeah, me too…and it looks like we’ll have the chance again in the near future.

The rights to the Tribes franchise were just recently sold to Hi-Rez Studios, who are a developer for Global Agenda, and they’re promising that the game will sport up to 100 players per match and will take place in huge outdoor maps in a full and persistent world.

The guys are currently stating that they will be building the game using the Unreal Engine (which can do extremely well in the right hands) and is slated to go alpha sometime in the early part of 2011. All I can say is, sign me up. I need this game like nobody’s business.

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