Trap For Cinderella

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Trap for CinderellaNot your typical fairytale!

Written, and Directed by: Iain Softley.

Based on the Novel: Piège pour Cendrillon by Sébastien Japrisot.

Starring: Tuppence Middleton, Alexandra Roach, Kerry Fox, Aneurin Barnard, Frances de la Tour and Emilia Fox.

Release Info: TRAP FOR CINDERELLA opens in select theaters and will also be available to watch on Cable VOD, SundanceNOW and other digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon Streaming, PS3 Playstation Unlimited, XBOX Zune, Google PLAY and YouTube) beginning December 13th.

Official Synopsis: A young girl suffering from amnesia after surviving a house fire that takes her childhood friend’s life, begins a tormented road to recovery.

The title Trap for Cinderella is misleading, but not the worst part of this movie. I’m not saying this movie is horrible, but it was flawed to say the least. Trap for Cinderella is about Micky, a girl who loses her best friend, and her memory to a violent house fire. Most the movie explains the complicated relationship that Micky had with her friend Do, and what lead up to the horrible house fire that caused Micky to lose her memory.

While this movie wasn’t completely horrible, it was horribly mediocre, and utterly forgettable. The acting was actually pretty good. Actors Tuppence Middleton and Alexandra Roach do a quality job. The cinematography wasn’t bad either. In-fact it had a nice retro feel to it, and all the South of France shots were over saturated in a way that just seemed right. The direction was, well… good enough. Honestly, it got the job done.

So where did this film go wrong? I honestly think it was the writing. Trap for Cinderella is an adaption of a french book of the same name. While movies are rarely better, or as good as the original, I must say this movie has truly failed to capture the spirit of the book. While the book was able to build suspense, and convey emotion, the movie seemed to fall flat. It honestly felt like Iain Softley took the basics of the book, stripped out all real substance, and tried to build a superficial story around the basics. Softley may be famous for directing classics like K-Pax, and Hackers, it must be pointed out he didn’t write either of those films.

For more information on this movie check out IFC Films website.


Overall rating for Trap for Cinderella: 4 out 10

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