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Transformers “Dark of the Moon”, Just a Long Chevy Commercial

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Want proof? We’ve got the images to show you the first looks at the new ZL1-inspired Bumblebee Camaro and topless Corvette Stingray concept named Sideswipe. Both showing up at a charity event in Royal Oak, Mich. Good thing the taxpayers bailed out GM right?

I wanted to mention, you can thank Jalopnik for these kick ass pictures.

First off we’ve got Bumblebee everyone’s favorite yellow Decepticon ass kicker, and the one we always wish would transform while Sam was still in the drivers seat. Because we want to take Sams’s place. I’ll be honest, I know JACK SHIT about cars, so I’ll be quoting Jalopnik on the car stuff.

“The 2012 Camaro ZL1 including the addition of massive hood vents…Previous designs seen in the Transformers films have ended up in production, though with the Camaro it seems to be the other way around. The designers have also added a touch of carbon fiber in the front fascia and a giant wing.”

Here is Sideswipe, and like before, all I see is a purty car, so here is a little more information that I could never have provided you:

Sideswipe is an evolution of Corvette’s Stingray concept. This time it’s a convertible/speedster. But designers didn’t stop there as Sideswipe also sports completely new headlights and a slightly revised front fascia to go with them.

So guys, what do you think?

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