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Transformers, broke the box office. Promises to clean up after itself.

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon, has been in theaters for essentially 1 week now, and during it’s initial 4-day run over the US 4th of July holiday, it broke the box office 4th of July record with $116M domestically.

So far, Transformers 3 has earned a whopping $379M globally, which seem huge, but actually lags behind Transformers 2 by a paltry 6%. Unfortunately, the single day totals paint a different picture. Demand was just not as high for this one. Transformers 2 broke into the box office with a 1-day total ticket sales high of $62M and change (for reference, that was $10M behind the #1 single day record holder…. Twilight: New Moon). Transformers 3, was lucky to have broken $30M.

But those ticket sales were consistent across the weekend, without having a single day high, and immediate drop off, which help T3 get to it’s $116M record.

Having gone and contributed my $20 to that total, I can only say this… Good lord that was a long movie. I had a 6 hour headache after leaving the theaters. And couldn’t they have found a better screen writer? Seriously, we didn’t need to get all of the “Spock” references to know that it was Leonard Nimoy playing Sentinel Prime. When I past 6 direct quotes from Star Trek, I checked out and stopped caring.

‘Splosions were cool though.

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