Ryan Thomason

Transformers 3 Villain Spoilers

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USA Today has basically confirmed that _________ is the movie’s villain. You saw the title, now onto the news that everyone will have spoiled anyways unless you’re a diehard Transformers Fan who knew already. Shockwave, the robot with the laser eye is the tentacle baddie that takes down buildings like we’ve seen in the videos.

Here’s what producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura had to say:

“He’s (Shockwave) always been a mean, mean guy, but he’s even more menacing and more dangerous. He’s bigger, badder, with a greater arsenal…It’s crazy spectacular. Shockwave is just a ball of destruction, pulling whole skyscrapers down. He’s a messy guy to have in our world…It’s a huge escalation in the amount of damage that one Decepticon can wreak. He’s capable of wholesale destruction – that’s really bad for humans…Decepticons have a united plan, but as usual they don’t get along. The inter-distrust between the villains is even stronger than before.”


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