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Transformers 3 – Superbowl Trailer

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I didn’t have much hope for the newest Transformers movie that Michael Bay is releasing upon the public this July, but I think that with just a 30-second TV spot, my opinion might have shifted significantly.

With the last trailer we got for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, we had an Autobot/Decepticon ship found on the moon that had knife-eyes but with this trailer we get some awesome ‘splosions and a 10 second one-shot of Optimus Prime pulling off a kill streak…and it looks amazing.

Guess I’m going to this one alone.

You also might have caught the other commercial this Sunday that featured an out of character Bumblebee wreaking havoc on a no name car dealership…but that was a Chevy commercial, not a Transformers one per se. Regardless, you can catch it below.

I feel rather MEH about that commercial though, Bumblebee wouldn’t just chuck someone across a car lot.

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