Alan Smithee

Tranformers 3 Gets a New Piece of Eye-Candy

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yeah, i'll take this year's model thank you very much.

Remember how we said that Megan Fox got shitcanned recently for talking smack about the movies and director that got her started in Hollywood? Well, Michael Bay has decided to show Ms. Fox that she is completely replaceable and that broads like here are a dime a dozen in the city of angels.

Want a good slap in the face Megan? How about the fact that Michael Bay is replacing you with another piece of eye-candy that has zero acting experience? Does that sting a bit? Well personally, I think that the lingerie model now turned Transformer co-star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will probably do a better job seeing how she’s a clean slate with ZERO acting experience…though I still have no clue why these women are all fawning over a scrub like Shia LeBouf.

You remember the saying “you’ll never work in this town again?” well Megan honey, it’s not hyperbole (high-per-bow-lee, it means exaggerated (eks-zadg-er-a-did, to make something more than it is)), you’re 15 minutes are officially up. You’ve got that Hollywood taint that will lead you to the land of Lohan.

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