Hayley Knighten

Trailer for Hemlock Grove Season 2 is FINALLY here!

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The mystery! The gore! The bromance! Yes, Hemlock Grove is finally returning for another full season on Netflix! After the jaw-dropping cliffhanger that ended last season fans have been anxiously awaiting the return of this amazing Gothic-horror series.


Highlights from the first season include what was probably the best werewolf transformation ever. Also, complex characters, an intriguing mystery and beautiful cinematography.

From the trailer it looks like Famke Janssen will be reprising her role as manipulative Olivia Godfrey. A pleasant surprise given the state of her in the season finale. Also, returning are Landon Liboiron as Peter and Bill Skarsgård as Roman. Fans of season one loved Shelley, a girl who outwardly is a Frankenstein’s monster of sorts, but proved to be one of the most intelligent and insightful characters on the show. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that Nicole Boivin will not be reprising the role. Instead, Madeline Martin will be the show’s new Shelley and from the look of her in the trailer, that’s not the only thing new about Shelley this season. That stone hand risen from the ground and sprouting claws in the trailer is apparently her.

There are also a slew of new faces including Madeline Brewer, better known as Tricia Miller from Orange is the New Black. Brewer plays Madeline, a stranger who breaks down in Hemlock Grove and meets Roman and PeterThe former best friends are now estranged and according to an article by International Business Times, Madeline serves as a “beacon of light” that reunites them.

If this season is anything like last season expect graphic horror blended with intense drama, and special effects that put most theatrical werewolf movies to shame. Really, would you expect anything less from Executive Producer Eli Roth?

If you haven’t seen the first season of Hemlock Grove you have plenty of time to catch up on this thrilling series before new episodes premiere in July. I also highly recommend the novel of the same name that the series was based on by Brian McGreevy.

Season two begins July 11th. Don’t miss it!

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