Scott Mason

Trailer confirms Fallout 4

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The short-lived countdown is over and the site at Bethesda is now showing the new trailer for Fallout 4.  The new game will be released for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

I don’t see anything I recognize distinctly for the location, but there are a number of baseball related themes seen in the video.  Stores, monuments, and other items seem to lay some credence to the earlier rumors of the game being set in the Boston area.  Here’s hoping they include that wicked awesome accent.

The video gives us a rare glimpse into the life before the bombs and the sharp contrast of the wasteland afterwards. It introduces a new Vault, 111, as we watch the new successor to the title of Vault Dweller enter into the world. As much as I enjoyed playing as the Courier, I’m glad to see the return of a vault dweller.

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