Track Creation, Stunt Arenas and Go-Karting Confirmed for Gran Turismo 5

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In an interview with, President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida perhaps unknowingly confirmed features about Gran Turismo 5 that have been rumoured recently. The biggest news has to be the fact that there will be a track creator in the game. Yoshida mentions it as part of a question about the game and says that players will also be able to share their tracks. This could be quite the game changer, as track creation is a feature that has long been wanted in any car simulation game, nevermind Gran Turismo 5. The confirmation is only brief, but we assume more details will be given nearer to the game’s release. The game will also add stunt arenas and go-karting, although again, there are no details about them. Night racing will also make a return. It is not known whether this means specific tracks (Clubman Stage comes to mind) or any track.

It looks like Polyphony are stepping up the ante with Gran Turismo 5 and they bloody well should be, given how long the game has been in the works.For example, the Forza franchise has already seen two feature packed sequels since Gran Turismo 4 was released so this is going to have to be something really special to gain people’s respect. In the mean time, I’ll keep dreaming that a PS3 will fall out of the sky into my hands. Gran Turismo 5 is set to be released this November, provided it doesn’t get delayed again.

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