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Toynami Futurama Plush Series 2 – Review

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You’ll have to bear with me here as this is the first time that I’ve ever been given the opportunity to review a plush toy, but thankfully my work is made easy with the awesomeness that comes from Toynami.

Usually I don’t put my impressions into the lead-in paragraph because I need SOME reason for you to click through into the review properly, but in short I can say that the three plushes that Toynami sent me recently are pretty damn awesome. In one box, they sent us Morbo, Hypnotoad, and Kif all from their line of Futurama plushes.

I’ll go through each here in a minute, but overall I can comment on the build quality, stitching, feel, and appeal in a few quick statements here concerning all three. The Kif and Morbo toys come equipped with great costumes that are attached quite well (much to the chagrin of my children). Hypnotoad only has a collar but quickly stands far above the others in series two thanks to the masterfully crafted eyes and limbs.

All three toys are made from similar materials, the outside is a very soft polyester fleece and filled quite stiffly with polyfill fibers. These toys feel as if they’ll survive a lifetime of being a sleep buddy, or at the very least decades sitting on top of a desk, but please let them get some love. The stitching is solid…solid enough that I doubt that these will ever see a busted seam in my lifetime.

Now onto each plush. I’m ranking them from least to greatest in my collection.

First up, sadly is Kif Kroaker. He’s never been a favorite of mine on the show, but I understand his appeal to the more alpha ladies in the audience. He looks super cute wearing his DOOP uniform in service to Zapp Brannigan (PLEASE TOYNAMI, make him next!). I enjoy that Kif stands up a heck of a lot better than my number two as he’s a little less top heavy and has feet that do well at holding his weight.

Second, we come to Morbo…quite possibly the cutest human hating news reporter in this galaxy. His plush seems to be pulling off the South Park Cartman-esque scream that doesn’t seem quite in the character of Morbo, but still makes him a keeper in my book, just think of the terror you too would be feeling if you hated humans and yet were being loved and adored over by a set of 2 year old twin girls who kept hugging and poking you. Yep, you too would be screaming bloody murder.

Morbo is a favorite of mine from the series, but thanks to his massive head, he does have problems standing up on his own. It’s doable, but takes some work, just keep telling yourself Morbo belongs in bed, not on desk!

Finally, my absolute favorite of the trio is the one, the only Hypnotoad…all hail Hypnotoad! This little guy sits perfectly wherever I place him, looks completely fabulous compared to the cartoon character and makes me giggle every time I see him. The ONLY way that Toynami could have made this an even better plush is if they could have somehow included a sound clip of his hypno powers in the toy itself.

This series shows that Toynami has still got ‘it’ when it comes to plushies among other toys in their line. I will enjoy these toys for some years as I watch my kids sleep with their plush Morbo, Hypnotoad, and Kif. I just can’t wait to let them watch the show when they get a little older so they can have a frame of reference. Great job Toynami.

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