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Toy Story “Small Fry” – Clip

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Opening up for The Muppets on the 23rd of November is the second Toy Story clip that we’ve seen this year. I am so excite!

Last time we had a Barbie and Ken centered episode as the couple missed their flight to Hawaii, this time around Good ol’ Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) is accidentally left behind at a fast food chain after a kids’ meal (read that as crappy and 3″ small) version takes his place with Bonnie.

While in the restaurant looking for a way to escape, Buzz inadvertantly finds himself stuck in a group therapy session for crappy toys that were discarded…complete with a meat shaped transformer. Of course Woody and the others will be devising a way to rescue Buzz from his fate worse than death and hilarity will ensue.

Here’s the clip:

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