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Toy Story #7: The Lincoln Opinions

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I was able to get my three year old to sit still long enough to go through the new issue of Toy Story. Ever since seeing Toy Story 3 in the theaters he’s been obsessed with the characters. So what are Woody, Buzz, and the gang up to while Andy is on a sleepover? More importantly, what does my kid have to say about this Boom! Kids comic? Let me fill you in.

On the parent side, this was a fun comic to read, the toys are telling stories around a campfire (glowbugs) with Lincoln logs and other things scatter around to make a ‘camp’. It’s fun to try and do the voices of the characters, which isn’t too hard if you’ve seen the movies close to 100 times. The artwork was nice, and the characters easily recognizable. My son would name every single one of the toys on the page, so kudos Boom Studios there for accuracy.

Lincoln loved the story, how could I tell? We read it probably 6 to 9 times, I lost count. Toward the end he started telling me what was happening. He doesn’t get the whole talking bubbles still, pointing at them and asking, then thus making this conversation happen over and over in one form or another.

“What those?” to which I replied. “That’s the toys talking.”
“They not talking dad.” “Yes, those are the words coming out of their mouths.”
“What you mean?” “When people talk in comics, they have talking bubbles.”
“They Toy Story dad, not people.” “Yeah, but…nevermind. Rex roars, ‘RAWR.’”

Like I said, he had fun reading it, and this is the second time we’ve been able to sit down and read from a Movie series turned comic that he loves thanks to Boom Kids. The only thing that made us stop reading was when I detected a foul smell and he told me he pooped, to which I told him to go upstairs and tell mommy it was bedtime.

I’m really looking forward to making this more of a weekly thing, since it; A)Lets us have some bonding time. B) Works on reading with him. Then, C) I get started early on teaching him how great comic books are! If you got kids and are a geek like me, Boom Kids has a bunch of great titles, so stay tuned and I’ll let you know more next week.

Score: $2.99/$2.99

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