Tower Heist – Review

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Let me pose a question to you. If you were personally screwed by Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and now have nothing left, what do you do? That’s right, cold vengeance is the correct answer.

Tower Heist is Ocean’s Eleven infused with an epinephrine shot of comedy. The story seems like an imaginative throw into what would have happened if Bernie Madoff pissed off the wrong guy with his scam.

Ben Stiller plays as Josh Kovacs, building manager of one of the ritziest complexes in New York. After investing all the pensions of the building’s employees with one of their richest residents, Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda), they find that he has pulled a Madoff and has made off with all their money. Even though the government has intervened and is looking to prosecute, these poor employees look like they are going to slip through the cracks and get nothing. Now Kovacs must get a rag tag team together including an elevator jockey, a maid, a desk boy, an accountant, and a small time thief to get it back, Robin Hood style.

Ben Stiller is a good balanced character for the others to play off of. Many of the other characters start becoming endearing surprisingly quickly such as Lester (Stephen Henderson). Each character gets to have their own time in the spotlight to get you rolling on the floor. I think Eddie Murphy’s character, Slide, however takes the cake. It is one of his better parts I’ve seen in a while. I was getting a little sad seeing him in cheap roles for so long. It reminded me of his older days playing parts like Billy Ray Valentine from Trading Places.

Favorite quote: “I will blow your face CLEAN OFF your face!” – Slide

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