Torchwood Season 4

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I am so giddy, I can’t stand it!

This is the big news of June 10!
Torchwood is returning!  And while season four is going to be produced by Americans (gasp), it will be made by Starz, not Fox.

I originally found this while perusing the SyFy website (, but it is all over the blogosphere now.  Can I be the first to tell you Capt. Jack is returning?  (My wife is swooning as I write this…)  Of course Gwen is returning, maybe still pregnant?  We can only hope it is Rhys’s baby, but there is no word on his return.

After enjoying Spartacus:  Sand and Blood, I can see how they could get this series right.  Children of Men (Trochwood Season 3) was one of the finest Sci-Fi stories on TV ever.  (I can wait until you kick yourself and then watch it.)  Will the show go back to a more episodic approach with an overarching theme like the first two seasons (and like the past few seasons of Dr. Who) or will they continue with one long story like Children of Men?  My bet is on the former:  10 episodes is pretty long for one story (not that it could not be done!).

There is bad news, unfortunately:  We have to wait until next summer, 2011.

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