Ryan Thomason

Torchwood: Miracle Day Season Finale. Meh.

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As a Dr. Who/Torchwood virgin, I had high hopes for this show. I heard about all the cool sci-fi elements and all that jazz, let myself get the build up from the Torchwood/Dr. Who fans. I was going to walk into this show and either be blown away or just walk away slightly satisfied but never going to give the show a second thought. Guess which I ended up with.

The season finale of Torchwood wasn’t really that bad, compared to the great start of the first couple of episodes to the boring middle run until the final two episodes. One thing that the finale did, was put out a lot of answers to questions, it didn’t leave too much out there for you to scratch your head about. I thought it was kind of cool how it all ended, especially with Rex obtaining immortality, because he was transfused with Jacks blood.

Oh the glorious blood on this episode.

One of the moments where I said, “Hell yeah.” was Jack and Rex, at their opposite cities on the planet, giving blood to The Blessing, Rex ripping off his bandages (why was it only THEN the blood rushed out of him? It’s a cheap ass bandage!) and Jack getting shot in the back by Gwen, so that he didn’t have to kill himself. I was more thinking Gwen wanted to shoot him in a little way. Blood exploding from their bodies, being adsorbed by The Blessing, and turning everyone mortal again. All that stuff was cool, and the events and explanations surrounding them were fun.

Then, you have the what the hell stuff that killed the moments:

  • 1) Oswald goes from pedophile child killer who escaped death to TV evangelist to TV superstar/still most hated man in the world to suicide bomber to psychotic child killer saying he’s going to hell and rape/torture the little girl again.
  • 2) The Families, are crap for Villians. Yes, they’re manipulating, calculating and evil. But I never really was scared of them. I never though, “Shit, those guys are evil assholes.” They just seemed like opportunists who took advantage of having some inside knowledge of Immortality, and happened to cause a worldwide depression and mass moral social upheaval of society.
  • 3) Jill Kissenger wasn’t much of a plot device other than an opportunist who was tired of doing PR for rich, poor, or fat people. Honestly, pretty much her words. Hey, she was a hot redhead who wore lots of red lipstick. (Which Gwen nicely pointed out as she was beating the shit out of her so awesomely in the end)

Will there be more Torchwood? I don’t know, and honestly, if its something new, I’m not interested. Even if it’s all this Plan B, bullshit that the Families now have. I don’t care about that. I want to see newly immortal Rex learning how to be a endlessly young immortal exploring the galaxy with Captain Jack. That show I’ll watch.

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