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Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 2 – Review

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Episode 2 reintroduces me to the reason why Torchwood kicked so much ass… Humor.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It was still just as serious as the first, and seeing Oswald Danes (Bill Pullman) having an emotional breakdown while being interviewed for a new program, definitely brought a sense of non-existent emotional range for the actor… But otherwise, Harkness, Cooper, and CIA agent Rex Matheson are all brought back into the main story line, as Matheson initiates a ‘rendition’ or extradition of the remaining Torchwood team members back to the United States for questioning.

But this episode also brings in a few new cast members; including Wayne Knight (aka, Seinfeld‘s ‘Newman’) as CIA head analyst Brian Friedkin, and Dichen Lachman as Lyn Peterfield (a ‘CIA’ agent who tries to kill Jack Harkness in mid flight across the Atlantic.

What was so great about this episode, is that it brought back some of the ridiculousness that the original series had. The highlight of that is when Gwen, Rex, and the ‘not gay’ steward Danny try to whip up a batch of formaldehyde to counteract the poison that Lyn slipped into Jack’s drink. We also find out that there is some internal chain of command that the as-yet-unknown enemy of Harkness uses to receive orders.


Overall, another excellent episode that was perhaps better than the first. It strongly continues the story arc and leaves me wanting for next Friday. Still gets a strong recommend from me, to all you viewers who are thinking about picking up the series.

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