Ryan Wilson

Torchlight Sequel Coming Spring 2011!

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Bust out the +1 Champagne of Bubbliness, because Torchlight, the game that came and stole our hearts back in PAX of 2009, is getting a sequel by developers Runic Games. Just to clarify, this is not the massively multiplayer title we’ve talked about in the past (though Runic ensures us that it’s still being made), but a brand new title carrying the Torchlight name. The new features made for Torchlight 2 include:
– A co-op multiplayer experience with matchmaking service
– An improved user interface.
– Character customization. Along with the ability to choose the gender of their class of character, the game will offer various cosmetic alterations to tailor fit the player.
– A randomized overworld. Not only has the overworld seen a massive overhaul, but it will now feature day cycles, random events, and weather effects.

Torchlight 2 is currently set for a release in Spring of 2011 as a digital download, with boxed copies forthcoming. A teaser website can be found at www.torchlight2game.com, which the developer promises will provide additional game information and multimedia over time as the game approaches release.

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