Evan Burkey

Torchlight Launches On XBLA; Drops Price Of PC Version

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Torchlight, on my Xbox 360? It’s more likely than you think.

Let’s face it, Torchlight may not be the most original thing out there, but it’s one of our favorite games. It takes everything you love about action RPGs and mixes them together into a package of pure fun… and now there’s one more way to play.

Runic Games has released Torchlight on Xbox 360 for $15. Along with this release, Runic has lowered the price of the game on PC and Mac to match the 15 dollar price point of the 360 version.

Even though I’ve owned the PC version since day one, I picked up the 360 release today. Though I haven’t had a chance to play the Xbox version yet, I’ve got high hopes for it. I’ll be sinking my teeth into it tonight to see what’s different, and we’ll have a review up in a few days. What about you? Did you buy the 360 version? Do you already have the PC version? Let us know!

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