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Top And Bottom Ten Movies Of 2015

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Time for the top and bottom lists of the years. There are several large releases I haven’t seen such as Joy, The Big Short, and The Hateful Eight.


  • Brooklyn
  • Trumbo
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Ant-Man
  • Avengers: Age Ultron
  • Jurassic World
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  • The Revenant

10. Me, Earl, And The Dying Girl

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl is a movie that I went into with very high expectations and walked away very satisfied. It’s the sort of independent film that manages to take one of the great tragedies of our time, cancer, and not only make it funny but give it real heart as well. The Sundance movies are starting to make the rounds and this is one I would absolutely recommend you seek out, but just make sure you have a napkin or a tissue on hand for the inevitable tears.
9. Creed

Creed is a movie that I can’t really come up with anything I didn’t like about it. While I didn’t love it the way that fans of the Rocky series no doubt will, as someone who isn’t a fan of those movies or of boxing I really enjoyed it. This is one that you should check out even if you think you aren’t the target demographic.
8. Kingmans: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service is another strong entry into the Vaughn/Millar team. I haven’t read the comic so I can’t compare the two, but based on the movie that I saw I walked away extremely entertained. There are plenty of laughs, some over the top violence, and a few fourth wall breaks. Absolutely recommended.
7. Room

Room might have a few nitpicks when it comes to certain plot points, but the great performances by its two leads, and the supporting cast when they come in, more than make up for it. It’s a movie that will stay with you for good and bad reasons.
6. Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep is a very cute, small production film that I believe succeeds as a true family movie. The kids will love all of the slapstick humor while the more subtle visual puns will make the adults in the theater laugh. I’d also recommend staying through the credits for a cute little scene at the end (also so you can get the theme forever stuck in your head like I have).
5. Ex Machina

ex machina advance screening

Ex Machina is a solid science fiction film that focuses more on thought and less on special effects, so if you’re going in for a low budget version of Terminator you’ll be disappointed. It’s not the science fiction second coming so don’t let it get too overhyped, but it is very good. Garland has promise for a director, and while this isn’t the best story he’s helped pen it is a very good one.
4. Inside Out


Inside Out is another near perfect movie from Pixar. It has great jokes, mind blowingly perfect design and made a good portion of my audience cry. I would also make sure you stay through the first part of the credits as they show inside the heads of various other characters and it’s hilarious. Go see Inside Out and leave wondering what Pixar is going to make us have feelings about next. (Hint: it’s dinosaurs)
3. Spotlight


Spotlight is one of those rare movies that comes along and shows the story behind the story without shifting focus. As I said it is a little hard to watch, but it is also a reminder that good journalism can make all the difference in the world. A great article, even these days, that is done right can change the world. Spotlight, much like Room, is going to be one of those movies everyone is talking about for the rest of the awards season and with good reason.
2. The Martian

the martian
The Martian proves that, with the right material, Ridley Scott can still make an excellent movie. From the great pacing to the rather funny script this is the second smart science fiction movie of this year and it’s great. I expect this one will turn up on a lot of “best of 2015” lists and it absolutely deserves to be there.
1. Mad Max: Fury Road

mad max fury road
Mad Max: Fury Road has director and writer George Miller returning to the post-apocalyptic genre and reminding everyone that this is how it’s done. Miller has already said if this one does well he has ideas for more, and if they are half as good as Mad Max: Fury Road then the action genre just got a lot more interesting. I absolutely recommended seeing this one because people are going to be talking about it for some time to come.

10. Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit is a movie I saw less than twelve hours ago and I already forget nearly everything that happened in it. It’s a subpar comedy which are notoriously hard to review because you’re there for the jokes, and if I talk about the jokes I’ll spoil the movie. I wasn’t impressed with this one, and while it could have been a lot worse there was the potential for it to be a lot better. The audience I saw it with seemed to think it was hilarious, so perhaps this genre of comedy just isn’t my cup of tea.
9. Pan

Pan is a movie that children might enjoy, though I like to think kids have better taste than that, but there are bright colors and 3D things flying in their faces. The parents that are going to get dragged to this aren’t going to enjoy this mess of a movie because there isn’t anything worth looking at. You’d be better off taking off your 3D glasses all together and trying to catch a nap than watch all 111 minutes of Pan.
8. Unfriended

KERSTIN: its like they were trying to make a movie about teenagers without ever asking any teenagers what they talk or act like. those im coversations are nothing like what we really talk like!!!
NICKIE: unfriended as sponsoered by apple and skype
KERSTIN: HAHA. if i wanted to watch people play never have i ever over skype id just skype you!!
NICKIE: it would be waaaay more fun tbh
7. The Visit

The Visit is going to be a polarizing movie if listening to comments afterwards were any indications. Perhaps my connection to the nature of the twist made me dislike it more, but it was a horror comedy that was not scary nor funny. I’m not sure who keeps letting Shyamalan make movies but, for the sake of dignity (if Shyamalan has any left), he needs to walk away for good.
6. Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four is a complete failure of a movie. It plays like a trailer for a better movie that never comes or setting up for a future franchise that will not happen. I expect that by Monday morning Fox will be meeting with Marvel Studios to figure out a way to sell the Fantastic Four back. This movie, combined with the other iterations, may have poisoned this brand beyond redemption. Perhaps they should sit in the vault for several years Batman style until someone who knows what they are doing comes along and does this group of superheroes justice.
5. Little Boy

LITTLE-BOY-One-Sheet_ sm

Little Boy is yet another World War II movie that is trying to be meaningful but only manages to come across as mean spirited and way too heavy handed. There are plenty of better movies dealing with World War II and I would recommend watching any of those over this one.
4. Fifty Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey advance screening

There is zero chemistry between Dakota Johnson, who bit her lip so often I started a tally that got to nearly twenty, and Jamie Dornan, whom I’m pretty sure doesn’t blink. I’ve spent the last twelve hours trying to think of a single redeeming quality for Fifty Shades of Grey and I’ve come up empty handed. Do not give this movie your money under any circumstance.
3. Get Hard

Get Hard Advance Screening

This cast should be embarrassed and ashamed to be part of this movie. These screenwriters should take a long, hard look at their lives and what their definition of “comedy” is. I hate everything about this movie; I hate the actors for thinking this was a good idea. I hate the director for making the movie boring to watch on top of offensive. I hate the writers for thinking this topic was funny in the first place. I hate Warner Bros for financing this piece of garbage. I hate every single human being in the theater who laughed.
2. Stonewall


Stonewall commits the cardinal sin of trying to show a fictionalized version of history in a world where nearly anyone can google “stonewall riots” and see who really did all the work. If we are still so uncomfortable with presenting history how it actually was, then we haven’t come nearly as far as some would lead you to think. If you can’t tell an important moment in history even a lttle accurately then don’t bother to try, just like I wouldn’t bother seeing Stonewall.
1. Pixels

Pixels movie poster

Pixels is not just a terrible movie; it is insulting to anyone who has ever enjoyed a video game. It’s insulting to anyone that enjoys comedy on a basic level. It’s the worst thing I’ve had to sit through all year. I thought I understood what dislike was, I thought I had seen the worst when I had to sit through Fifty Shades of Grey and Get Hard and Hot Pursuit, but I would rather watch all three of those three times than sit through Pixels. Do not give this movie your money because those are 100 minutes of your life you could spend doing anything else and it would be better.

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