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Top 5 Case Closed Mysteries

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Case Closed started out as a manga series by Gosho Aoyama, and it has been adapted into a long-running anime series. FUNimation Entertainment released the first 130 episodes on home video, and subtitled episodes from 754 and beyond are available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Case Closed, high school junior mystery buff Shinichi Kudo has incredible abilities with his power of observation and intuition. But one day, after crossing paths with a criminal organization, Shinichi is given an experimental poison. But instead of killing him, the poison shrinks Shinichi back down to his six or seven year old self. As his new younger self, Shinichi takes on the name of Conan Edogawa, and poses as a relative of his neighbor, Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Shinichi lives with his childhood friend Ran Mori and her father. Ran’s father, Kogoro, is a bumbling private investigator who used to be part of the Japanese police force. Shinichi believes that he can use Kogoro’s resources to track down the men in black who poisoned him in order to get an antidote that will return him to his normal size. But Conan always seems to stumble upon a mystery wherever he goes, and is always the one who solves the cases in the end.

Conan has solved numerous cases over the course of the series, and these are the five that are the most memorable to me. In this list, I will be using the English titles for the episode names.

Karaoke Killing (Episode 43 of Case Closed)

5. Karaoke Killing

This is a Christmas themed episode that sees Conan, Ran, and Ran’s friend Sonoko going to karaoke to hang out with Sonoko’s new friend and his band. When Sonoko’s new friend collapses and dies after eating a rice ball, Conan and the police are on the case. They determine he was poisoned, and they must determine how he was poisoned and who committed the crime. While the case itself may not sound like it’s any more memorable than the many other murder mysteries that have appeared in the series, it’s the ending of the episode that makes this one stand out. After the murderer and the motive are revealed, the murderer learns that they had been wrong with an assumption they had made about the victim. It’s a tragic ending, and this twist at the end really made me stop and think.

The Case of the Mysterious Gifts (Episode 7 of Case Closed)

4. The Case of the Mysterious Gifts

Once a month for the past two years, a surgeon has been receiving anonymous toys and money valued at over 25 million yen. The surgeon asks for Kogoro’s help to find out who has been sending the gifts and money. Of course, Conan is the one who cracks the case, and realizes that the surgeon’s son may be in danger. This was one of the more unusual cases in the series, and this episode had a powerful and very memorable ending that almost feels like a punch in the gut.

Conan Is Kidnapped (Episode 44 of Case Closed)

3. Conan Is Kidnapped

This is a very unusual case for the series, since Conan is the victim for once. A woman claiming to be Conan’s mother arrives, and she ends up putting Conan to sleep. When he awakens, he overhears information that leads him to believe a murder will be committed. Conan fakes his escape and follows his captors to a hotel. At the hotel, Conan is captured by a masked man who claims to be a character in one of Shinichi’s father’s mystery novels. Besides having Conan as the victim, this episode is also memorable for the twist of who Conan’s captors are and why they kidnapped him.

Wedding Day Blues (Episode 19 of Case Closed)

2. Wedding Day Blues

Ran and Shinichi’s old homeroom teacher is getting married, but she is poisoned before the ceremony begins. The suspects for the crime include the father of the bride and the groom. This is a memorable case for the twist and the tragic nature of who the culprit is and why they tried to poison the bride. This story was also amusing because the audience gets to see Shinichi (as Conan) having to interact with this former teacher that he didn’t care for when he was younger.

The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case (Episodes 11-12 of Case Closed)

1. The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case

Kogoro receives a letter with a large sum of money that includes a request to investigate Moon Light Island. When Kogoro, Ran, and Conan reach the island, they learn the sender of the money is a famous pianist who has been dead for 12 years. The pianist’s piano is in the community hall and that the previous mayor was discovered dead at it with the song “Moonlight Sonata” playing in the background; this was the same song that played in the background when the pianist was killed in a fire During their stay, another man is murdered at the piano with “Moonlight Sonata” playing in the background. Conan secretly aids in the murder investigation, and he finds the clues that piece together what happened both in the present and what happened 12 years ago. The answer to this mystery has a very surprising twist, which leads to a very tragic ending. Of the various mysteries I’ve seen in Case Closed over the years, this is one of the few where the viewer actually sees Conan affected emotionally by the case that he has solved.

This list represents my personal opinion, and it is not meant to be a definitive list. Which Case Closed mysteries would be in your personal top five? Let us know in the comments.

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