Jill Seale

Tons Of Telltale Tidings: Puzzle Agent 2, King’s Quest, Fables

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Last night, Telltale Games, Makers of the episodic Sam and Max reboot as well as the Tales of Monkey Island series, held a press conference to put out some news about their upcoming lineup.

Firstly, the debut title of Telltale’s Pilot Program, Puzzle Agent will be getting a sequel. It’ll be launching in the Spring of 2011 for PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. There’s a teaser for Puzzle Agent 2 here.

Telltale will also be giving King’s Quest the episodic treatment. More news will be released at E3.

Finally, Telltale will be treating us to a little comic book love in the form of Fables. Created by Bill Willingham, creator of the comic series of the same name, Fables will follow fairy tale characters such as Snow White and Pinocchio (more Pinocchio news!) as they are excommunicated from their storybook homes and are relegated to living in New York City.

Add to all this the rest of the Back To The Future season they have planned and the upcoming season of Jurassic Park and I’d say that Telltale has their work cut out for them.

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