Tons of Metal waiting to release you from Boredom in the Legend most Brutal

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Decapitation!  This is the word roared by Eddie Riggs when he takes out his first and last boss within Brutal Legend.  Why talk about the beheading and de-tonguing of a giant worm and the defeat of a horned S&M four-necked guitar playing demon when there is so much caught in the crossfire?  Unleash an army of head bangers, fight against the girl you love, pimp out your Druid Plow, and crank up the volume as your rock out to some of the most metal music ever to be heard!  Give me a “Hell Yea!” if you want a game that will blow your mind, kick start your heart, and melt your face.

Just another fun time to be found in Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend is action packed, plain and simple.  Don’t be afraid of what you may have heard making claims that Brutal Legend is in fact a hybrid game.  It does, truthfully, add in a moderate amount of rhythm gameplay ala Guitar Hero, as well as RTS army vs. army combat.  Though you rarely have to abuse the guitar solos, but having a general understanding of when the best time to utilize such deadly rituals will ready you for multiplayer as well as make single player go smoothly.  Stage battles are rather simple.  You take winged flight to find where to send your band, place your merchandise booth over springs erupting with fans, and build the strongest squad of metal heads the world has ever seen.  After that, simply launch an all out assault at the opposing stage.  There you go, you win…yeah, that damn easy.

One thing that won’t be so easy is choosing your music to blast through the holes that were once recognized as ears.  Ozzy Osbourne, Ratt, Dragonforce, Dethklok, Static-X, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Tenacious D, and noticeably more bands with way too many more songs to mention await you.  You will be forced to go through each song to find your favs.  The reason being is that you will rarely have enough time to listen to one entire song, thanks to Eddie Riggs can only listen to these delicious tunes while in The Deuce.  You will continue to toggle newly acquired songs as you raise relics and complete missions centered around progressing the storyline.  Don’t be ashamed if you find yourself finding a lovely little spot somewhere in the game, pop a squat in The Deuce, and blast off into another time made entirely of Heavy Metal.

This is a small fry compared to some of the monsters you will combat in Brutal Legend

This wondrous and magical land will offer up not only double teaming combat, massive army building, enchanting music, and, surprisingly, a superb storyline.  At first, the storyline is a bit bland and only the excitement instilled by the combat and constant humor bombarding you at every turn will keep you going.  Then, after you take down a guy who goes through more conditioner than all the divas in Hollywood, things take a turn for the dramatic.  I dare not spoil things…or do I?  SPOILER ALERT!  Your true love goes undead succubus, your dad ventured back before you and was a major player in the original war, and your mom was actually the first emperor and demon powerhouse.  END OF SPOILER!

Now I don’t know about you but every time I buy a game, I pray that I will be playing it all the way through to the end and, after stomping the end boss’ corpse into a fine pulp, the game will be played once again ’til the end.  I can assure you, your friends and relatives, even that creepy guy at your work who believes anything you tell him that Brutal Legend is worth every penny you cough up for it.  Plenty of time can be lost within the online multiplayer, but you may find yourself forgetting about the multiplayer as you immerse yourself once again in the single player story.  Take hold of your axe and Clementine as Eddie Riggs while he cruises across the land made from Ormagoden’s flesh!

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