Tomonobu Itagaki is my kind of guy

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Tomonobu Itagaki, the man credited with the success of the Dead or Alive fighting series and the rebirth of the Ninja Gaiden series, has always been considered somewhat of a rockstar in the game development world. As somewhat of a cocky son of a bitch myself, I can respect that.

Recently the guys over at asked Itagaki some questions about his new development team, Valhalla Game Studios, and his answers have just increased my opinion of the guy. When posed with the question, “Which is more important to your daily well being? Cigarettes, coffee, drinking, or gambling?” Itagaki responded, “It’s already clear. I can’t make a game without all of them.” That makes me happy. In my opinion, you can’t be trusted if you don’t partake in the vices of the world occasionally.

And Itagaki isn’t joking about that drinking part, as he actually uses alcohol as a measuring stick for time. When 1up asked how long Valhalla’s new game has been in production, he said, “I don’t mind giving you a hint. During this period I’ve consumed at least 1,000 shochu sake bottles.” That is a lot of damn alcohol, and as a man who also enjoys drinking a lot of damn alcohol, I salute you Mr. Itagaki. With as many pussy-foot, casual game making developers as their are out there, the industry needs cheeky, alcoholic bastards to represent the rest of us cheeky, alcoholic bastards

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