Alan Smithee

TMNT Movie’s Shredder Cast

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Ok well Shredder isn’t called that in the beginning of the movie.

William Fichtner, who many of you will go…OOOOOHHHHHH THAT GUY. Has been cast in the movie but it’s not said exactly who he will play beyond a “lead role with iconic stature in the Turtles’ mythology” meaning he’ll either voice Splinter or more-than-likely, he’ll be the bad guy who he is always cast as.

I’m thinking, speculating, insinuating that he’ll be Shredder but instead of good ol Oroku Saki, he’ll be portraying the mysterious Colonel Schrader according to the leaked script that came out last year.

This movie could be pretty fun, but it’s definitely going to be dumb fun. What more would you expect from a Michael Bay production? I personally will remember the Turtles as I first experienced them…and leave it at that.

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