TMNT # 2 – Where’s Raph? Mini Review

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So the second issue of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is filled with two major plot points. First, we get concrete information that Raphael is not just missing but lost with amnesia, and the rest of the turtles have been looking for him for a year. They complain that finding one “person” amidst the millions in NYC is difficult. However, he’s a five foot tall ninja turtle, seriously no one has seen a big walking turtle in a year. Anyway, the other major detail is the first appearance of none other than the masked Casey Jones. We get to see the beginning of his back story and enough of a cliffhanger ending that I’m looking forward to issue 3.

We also start to get to see the beginnings of the turtles, Splinter and Old Hob’s transformations into the fine or not so fine creatures they are today. The artwork is solid, the story stays intriguing and I have been pulled in more than I anticipated after reading the first issue. Check it out while you can still find the first issue.


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