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Time Well Wasted: Mitoza

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I love wasting time. Nothing feels more free to me than knowing there are things I need to get done and completely blowing them off. In the spirit of slackers everywhere, I present Time Well Wasted, a weekly feature where I’ll showcase some of the best, most interesting, or just plain strangest ways to kill an hour or two on the internet.

This week, I bring you Mitoza. Why is it called Mitoza? I don’t know, but it definitely fits into that last category. It’s weird. If you were the type of person to throws buzz words around, you might even call it surreal, but let’s not ruin a perfectly good word. Let’s go with cool. Mitoza is cool.

If it looks like I’m having trouble explaining Mitoza, it’s because I am. At it’s core, Mitoza is just a webtoy with a series of choices. You start off with a seed and, depending on your choices, you could end up with a giant horned eggplant using an egg as an ice cream truck. You could also end up with a stirring rendition of a bunch of flies performing Hamlet. Now do you see why it’s so difficult to describe?

Mitoza obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously, and can get a bit goofy at times, but no matter what insane scene you end up concocting from your choices, it always brings you back to the seed. The transition is smooth and seamless. It’s pretty impressive, but the most impressive thing about Mitoza is how the photo-realistic animations manage to make everything seem so tactile, while at the same time getting just enough “wrong” to make everything seem slightly off. It’s a very cool effect that makes Mitoza pretty mesmerizing.

Is it gloriously strange or just stupid? Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Just watch out for the carrots. They’re more sinister than you think.

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