Tim Burton has ‘Burtonized’ Wonderland, all fans rejoice

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Mad Hatter

If that image above doesn’t send chills down your spine, we need to check your pulse.
I honestly had no idea that Tim Burton was working on an Alice in Wonderland remake but now that I have seen some of the first screens and art pieces I can honestly say I’m starting to get excited for this flick. When there are such amazing actors as Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Michael Sheen, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway, how can you go wrong right?

Hit the jump for a few more details.

According to USA Today, Alice is now 17 and probably a lesbian. For some reason, a marriage proposal in front of hundreds of people terrifies her and sends her running into the woods where she follows a little creature down a hole. It’s her second visit to Wonderland but apparently, and conveniently, she doesn’t remember the first trip.
In typical Burton fashion, all of the screens and art has the potential to send your little urchins screaming for their mommy’s aprons to hide their face in. Of course that means it will probably be amazing for us adults. The producer of this little gem, Robert Zanuck, has assured USA Today that kids will be able to watch it.

“The book itself is pretty dark,” he notes. “This is for little people and people who read it when they were little 50 years ago.” – Zanuck

Either way Rob, you’ve caught my attention.

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