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Ticket to Ride – iOS Review

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What do you do when you get a chance to try out the new and improved version of the Ticket to Ride app? You jump on that train and ride it all the way to Santa Fe. Or, maybe you’re just curios because you’ve seen Wil Wheaton’s wife ruin a Ticket to Ride game on Tabletop.

This new version is a major update of the original Ticket to Ride (on all digital platforms) this app was completely rewritten from the ground-up so that it is fully supported across all digital devices and more importantly, it is exactly the same on each device. One new feature that they’ve added is the vertical feature on the maps. Before, everything was in landscape only, which, if you’re playing the India expansion, yeah, India doesn’t seem right when it isn’t vertical.

ticket to ride iOS

From a pure gameplay perspective, I’ve had a lot of fun with Ticket to Ride. My eight year old son? He won’t stop bugging me to play it on the iPad, which I never really let my kids play with. There is perhaps a one or two game learning curve, even if you use the tutorial. If my eight year old can win in his second game (it *cough* took me four tries to until I won a match) it’s safe to assume that what you hear is true, Ticket to Ride is an extremely easy game to pick up. As far as time goes, a game against the computer (up to four at a time) takes anywhere between five to ten minutes. So, if you needed an game on your phone or tablet that you can play a full session on during a commercial break or while you’re waiting in line somewhere, this is it. You collect cards that have colored train sections on them. Some sections of track on the game board can only be attained by having one to six of the same colored card. Some sections of track can take any of the same color. It’s a very simple, yet complicated dynamic of trying to link up your sections of track with the two starting game cards you select in the beginning. Essentially you’re trying to link up from one city to another, such as; Seattle to Los Angelas, or Vancouver to Toronto. The longer the path on the game card you picked, the more points you get at the end for linking it up. Fail to do so? You lose that many points at the end of the game.

While, it’s easy enough to outsmart the computer with your intentions of linking up cities for extra points, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game in online play. The online games I played left me utterly crushed, but I still had fun nonetheless, every opportunity to play more and gain some skills works for me. If you’d rather play with your meatspace friends, my son and I had fun going head to head while he sat on my lap taunting me. So much taunting. I’d love to say I crushed him every time, but the kid is just good.

If you’re looking for a value game to buy on your tablet/phone, I’d say that Ticket to Ride is an easy purchase to make. It’s quick, fun and challenging when you need it to be. Just beware, it’ll make you want to buy the actual Buy the Tabletop version and all the expansions, but how can that be a bad thing? Ticket to Ride is available on iOS and Android for $6.99 and PC via Steam for $9.99.

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