Ryan Thomason

*Thwipp* Come see *Thwipp* Spiderman Advance Screening *Thwipp* in SLC *Thwipp**Thwipp**Thwipp* [UPDATE]

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Seriously. We’re giving away tickets you crazy Spidy fans. Well, as long as if you live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Come get your Thwipp on with us next week (I’ll be there for WPR) we can shake hands, maybe hug, or punch some bad guys in the face. Whatever it is that normal sociable adults do when they go to movies.

[UPDATE] NOW WITH GOFOBO CODE FOR EXTRA WINNINGS! Visit Gofobo.com/RSVP and enter the code: WPR66J2

WHEN:Monday, July 2nd
WHERE:7PM @ The Gateway
HOW TO GET IN:Text the word JUSTICE and your ZIP CODE to 43549 (Example Text: JUSTICE 84101)
Entry Deadline: June 29th!

Yeah, I kind of set this article to auto post on the wrong day and thinking the contest was already running, I errr, only am giving you 2 days to enter, think of it this way. There is a very short window for people to enter, and if you do there won’t be a crowded field, so it’s more likely you’ll win! See. I did you a favor! At least, I’ll keep telling myself that. You’ll get to see it a day early and be totally gloating to all your friends about it.

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN – Columbia Pictures – Opens nationwide on Tuesday, July 3



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