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Three Episodes Into Falling Skies Season 4

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There comes a time when watching a long lived television series where you have to decide if you really want to watch a show any more. I reached my breaking point with others like Community and Bob’s Burgers a while back. These shows are good but not important enough for me to lose sleep waiting for new episodes to appear. I should have been there after the second season of The Walking Dead, and Lost is another show that I needed to quit in the worst way possible.

It’s with that knowledge that shows don’t NEED me to watch them that I learned my lesson, give a show three episodes before pulling the plug.

At the beginning of Falling Skies season 4, I was making farting noises with my mouth regarding what I was watching. Now, I’m at the edge of my seat waiting for Sunday to get here so I can find out what will happen to the 2nd Mass and Tom Mason.

You might recall that we had a review of the first episode  back on June 23rd, where many of my concerns were brought up, especially considering the fact that season three was essentially a throw away season.

There are still problems I have with season 4. So far:

  • The overt Nazi Germany themes of Matt Mason’s re-education at the Espheni camp.
  • The ghetto living of Tom Mason and company.
  • The overt head beating of eastern philosophies that you get from Lexi’s new-age facility where the war is no more.
  • Story elements that are very ham fisted, like Pope hoarding food and Anne becoming commando mom.

With the negatives still present, it looked like this show wasn’t going to make the cut. Then it happened…the one scene that finally took my finger off of the “remove series recording” button on my DVR.

That scene was Tom Mason standing on a balcony scorching a horde of skitters with a homemade flame thrower that reminded me of the cover art for the classic PC game Doom. It is during “Exodus”, the third episode where I was finally cemented that this is a show I must watch. I only hope they didn’t blow most of the SFX budget this episode alone.

I like how they’re developing certain characters to be more human than one dimensional archetypes such as Pope going from selfish bastard to a pretty likable guy (Ryan has a mancrush on Colin Cunningham) and Weaver acting nuts.

There is one thing coming this season that I’m NOT looking forward to, and it’s approaching slower than a Falcon Punch being delivered by a sloth and that’s the relationship between Maggie and Ben Mason. There was a scene that I kid you not, I groaned when they had an pregnant pause that gave birth to a healthy set of ten-pound octuplets.

All in all, the show has finally hit its stride and I hope it stays that way. Thanks TNT for making the off season fun again.

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