THQ wants to spend a lot of money on Natal game

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Alternative titles that were considered include “THQ relocates offices to Imaginationland” and “THQ execs still believe in Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy”.

As we move later into the current console generation’s lifespan, both Microsoft and Sony are trying to replicate Nintendo’s money-printing success with varying motion-control devices, Sony with the PlayStation Move and Microsoft with Project Natal. And who can blame them? The Wii has changed the face of the gaming industry, for better or worse, and it’s only natural for the competition to try and claim a portion of the motion-control demographic.

Apparently THQ has some solid fucking faith in Microsoft’s Project Natal, as they have indicated to CVG that they are brainstorming a 360 game based around the Natal that could cost 30 to 40 million dollars. That is insane. That’s almost how much Modern Warfare 2 cost to develop, and just like Modern Warfare 2, this mystery THQ Natal game would have to sell like it was Jesus’s sweet love in order to recoup the costs.

“…I don’t think the install base is there because the game I’m thinking about is a $30m/$40m Natal game and the install base isn’t there yet to support that,” said a THQ VP, Danny Bilson. Uh, you’re right Danny, the install base isn’t there yet. That’s because there is no install base, because Natal hasn’t been released yet. We agree so far. “I think we have to wait a little bit just for the install base to justify spending a ton of money. Because my idea is a really expensive idea,” Bilson went on to say.

And  here’s where I disagree.I honestly can’t see Natal ever having a install base big enough to justify a game that expensive to make. Hell, it would take someone like Billy Mays to convince that many people to buy Project Natal. And he’s dead. Then again, if THQ is going to throw around that kind of money, maybe they can hire the ghost of Billy Mays. He’s our only hope.

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