THQ Shut Down Kaos Studios

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Despite relatively good sales with the recent Homefront, Kaos Studios is being shut down by THQ. The publisher announced this morning that as well as the former being shut down, THQ Digital Warrington (Juiced series) in the UK is also being shut down. They have not given a reason for the shutdowns other than for strategical purposes for its studio structure. Anyone who is laid off from Kaos Studios and THQ Digital Warrington will be given the opportunity to interview for anywhere else at THQ. Conveniently, development on the sequel to Homefront is the hands of THQ Montreal.

It’s never nice to see a developer shut down and in this case it’s a little strange. Homefront may have received mixed reviews throughout the press but the game has done farely well at retail, selling 2.6 million units worldwide. That being said, THQ put a huge marketing campaign into this game to bill it as AAA when perhaps it didn’t meet those requirements. Either way, commiserations to the staff of both developers and we hope you find some new jobs soon.

Source: Giant Bomb

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