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THQ Opens Up on Natal

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THQ CEO Brian Farrell in a very nonchalant way let the guys at G4 know that they’ve had a Natal dev kit for a month or so:

“I don’t know how long [we had had the kits] 4 , 6 weeks, however long they’ve been available, I’m not at liberty to talk about exactly what we’re doing, but kind of like when we first got the Wii kits, some key development people are going ‘okay, what can we do that’s really cool here?’ So, stay tuned.”

That’s not the only neat bit about the interview that we’ve borrowed from VG247, keep reading…the most interesting thing has yet to be disclosed.

“We’re obviously looking at both [making games for core and casual gamers], our initial take is that it does seem to be more broad, the idea that you’re getting new gamers or lapsed gamers away from very complex controls, but I don’t want to rule out doing something for core because we’ve got some ideas along that line. But I think the emphasis there and I think the positioning from Microsoft — [perhaps a] better question for them — but it feels more casual to us at this point.”

So, just as we called it the other day when we discussed Project Natal, Microsoft in all of it’s infinite wisdom, has seen the mountain of cash that Nintendo has amassed from the casual gamers and wants a piece of it for themselves. It’s not like they’re going to do all casual and entry level, but that for sure is the emphasis that MS has laid out. It’ll just be another gimmick, and this generations R.O.B.

Sony you’re not any better, coming out with more motion controls, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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