THQ close down more studios

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Just a few months after THQ shut down Kaos Studios, the publisher has now closed down three more studios in the wake of a disappointing first quarter. Two Austarlian studios have been hit, those being THQ Studio Australia, who developed licensed games in the past and Blue Tongue Entertainment, who developed both De Blob games and Marvel Super Hero Squad amongst others.

In America, THQ Digital Phoenix bit the bullet, who’s last game was MX vs ATV Alive, which experimented with a budget price followed by extensive DLC. THQ will not continue with that franchise for the near future and instead focus on moving away from licensed kids and film titles (Although they’re still making WWE games by the dozen).

About 200 staff will be affected by these cuts and THQ have said that they’ll be given the chance to apply for new positions. Sega Studios Australia have also chimed in, saying they’re interested in picking up talent from the Australian studios and are going to speak to Sega Executives about making more available positions at the developer.

It certainly hasn’t been a great year for THQ so far. Homefront did not gain the popularity they expected (even with the sheer amount of marketing for it) and the developer Kaos Studios was shut down, along with THQ Digital Warrington. Red Faction: Armageddon also didn’t sell as well as expected and as a result that franchise has been canned for the time being. With the publisher down to just five internal studios, they’re definitely banking on Saints Row: The Third and WWE 12 to turn a profit later this year. At least the affected staff should have a good chance at getting another job quickly.

Source: EDGE, MCV

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