THQ announce Red Faction: Armageddon demo

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A demo for the fourth game in the Moon Hammer series will be coming to Xbox Live and Playstation Network (if it’s back on) on May 3rd. No PC demo has been announced. The demo will see you taking control of game protagonist Darius Mason and fighting through some alien infested sewers, while also clearing your name of causing the alien outbreak of Mars’ underground. The demo will allow you to use the Nano Forge, which returns from Red Faction: Guerilla, and the Magnet gun, which apparently is a signature Red Faction weapon.

Red Faction: Armaggedon takes place two generations after the last game, and the colonists of Mars have been driven underground, only to find the dormant aliens of Mars are awoken, who cause all hell to break loose. I’ll certainly try the demo but I get the impression that it might just be more of the same. The last game was quite fun despite the lack of a story, but it did get a bit repetitive towards the end. The only thing that seems to have changed is that the setting has gone underground.

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