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Thor’s Mjolnir Receives an Updated Inscription

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736464-Thor-1405524995-337-640x480There’s been a big battle on the Internet amongst basement dwellers and those that think it’s not such a problem, but in case you’re one of the few that hadn’t heard, the Thor series from Marvel Comics next month will feature a slight change in character as the character we all know as Thor Odinson will be replaced by a female protagonist since he has been deemed unworthy of wielding the Uru hammer Mjolnir.

To reflect this change, the hammer itself has changed it’s inscription as you can see via the image teased by Adri Cowan on Twitter.

While the small but vocal groups of fanboys have been busy experiencing exploding craniums and tending to their posterior pains, the real comic fans realize that this is just another story arc like the time he was a made into a frog or even when Beta Ray Bill took over for a while. Oh hey, what about when Captain America was worthy of holding the hammer? Remember that? Of course they don’t because they can’t look past the double-x chromosome. Seriously, it’s comics, and it’s progress. I’m glad they’re going to be introducing a new strong female character who can kick ass, gives me something to share with my own little girls.

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