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Thor’s Costume Revealed

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I needed an awesome header for the Thor post, I asked the internet, and it answered in kind.

Leading up to the release of Thor from Marvel Studios next year, all of us WPR writers and editors are reserving judgment on the film and concept until we’ve actually seen the movie…but we still get excited about the minutae of comic book movies, especially when costumes are involved.

In case you haven’t seen the movie still of Chris Hemsworth that was released by Paramount a few weeks ago. Check him out.

Wait, Kirk's dad is Thor, does that make Kirk a demigod?

So the guys at Collider took that image and have mocked up what they believe will be the final costume for Mr. Hemsworth as Thor in the Brannaugh movie. Color me impressed.

Looks good! Though I’d probably fight about him wearing a cape, then I have to remind myself that capes are probably still in style in Asgard. I’m also liking the look they gave Mjolnir. Needless to say, I’m still very stoked to see this movie.

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