Thor Movie Action Figures

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Tomorrow, March 1st, marks one of the most important dates for toy geeks this year, tomorrow the Thor Toys are released. I’m a big fan of Hasbro, and I’m always excited for a toy launch. I love Toy launches because it is the first real opportunity to examine character designs, and for the keen observer movie spoilers (Iron Man Mark V suit last year).

Being primarily a 3-3/4 inch toy collector, that is the line if have followed with greatest interest. Entertainment Earth is reporting that wave 1 will be released tomorrow, then wave 2 in June. They are reporting that this wave will have- 3x Battle Hammer Thor, 3x Lightning Clash Thor, 3x Sword Spike Thor, 1x Secret Strike Loki, 1x Shield Bash Marvel’s Odin, 1x TBD (most likely an additional Loki or Odin).

So what does that mean? If you want an Odin or Loki you will probably have to go to the store tomorrow, because officially right now they are one per case. What that means is that every ebay scalper on the planet will swarm the stores and buy them up to resell for $20.00 each.

Wave 1 of “Deluxe Action Figures” will also be released. This wave has- 4x Blaster Armor Thor, 2x Frost Giant. Wave 2 is to be released in April.

I am somewhat disappointed in this launch release, last year when Iron Man II was released the majority of the line was available before the movie’s debut. I believe the pickings are so light so as not to leave everyone too broke for the Captain America Toys coming in May.

Me personally? I’ll probably hit up a Walmart at midnight and buy a Loki and a Frost Giant.

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